Symbolic Reverence

Symbols are powerful gateways to deeper human experiences. They can evoke profound emotions, memories, and philosophies. They can fuel our imagination, motivation, and life direction. When you intertwine meaningful symbolism into beautiful jewelry—you can create some seriously potent touchstones. This collection is dedicated to those who hold a deep reverence for symbolic jewelry.


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Gemini NecklaceGemini Necklace
Gemini Necklace Sale price$60
Taurus NecklaceTaurus Necklace
Taurus Necklace Sale price$60
Iyla Necklace GoldIyla Necklace Gold
Iyla Necklace Gold Sale price$75
Veda NecklaceVeda Necklace
Veda Necklace Sale price$80
Veda Necklace SilverVeda Necklace Silver
Veda Necklace Silver Sale price$80
Leo NecklaceLeo Necklace
Leo Necklace Sale price$60
Pisces NecklacePisces Necklace
Pisces Necklace Sale price$60
Libra NecklaceLibra Necklace
Libra Necklace Sale price$60
Saggitarius NecklaceSaggitarius Necklace
Saggitarius Necklace Sale price$60
Capricorn NecklaceCapricorn Necklace
Capricorn Necklace Sale price$60
Scorpion NecklaceScorpion Necklace
Scorpion Necklace Sale price$60
Cancer NecklaceCancer Necklace
Cancer Necklace Sale price$60
Virgo NecklaceVirgo Necklace
Virgo Necklace Sale price$60
Aquarius NecklaceAquarius Necklace
Aquarius Necklace Sale price$60
Aries NecklaceAries Necklace
Aries Necklace Sale price$60
Suri NecklaceSuri Necklace
Suri Necklace Sale price$75
Solana NecklaceSolana Necklace
Solana Necklace Sale price$60
Sold out
Sol NecklaceSol Necklace
Sol Necklace Sale price$75
Sold out
Bloom NecklaceBloom Necklace
Bloom Necklace Sale price$60
Lunar NecklaceLunar Necklace
Lunar Necklace Sale price$75
Mae NecklaceMae Necklace
Mae Necklace Sale price$75
Iyla Necklace SilverIyla Necklace Silver
Iyla Necklace Silver Sale price$75
Vienna Necklace SilverVienna Necklace Silver
Vienna Necklace GoldVienna Necklace Gold
Vienna Necklace Gold Sale price$80

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