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We Are Conscious Of Every Impact We Create

To reduce the effects of climate change, we aim to mitigate and offset the environmental impact of everything we do. From using only recyclable packaging to becoming completely carbon neutral—we are dedicated to supporting a more sustainable future.


Carbon Neutrality

We use carbon offsetting to compensate for the carbon emissions that can't be avoided. We do this by funding a carbon reduction or removal project elsewhere in the world. Such as investing in renewable energy, forestry, or waterways that help reduce the impact of climate change. This way for every carbon emission we create, we invest in a renewable resource that removes the same amount of carbon from the atmosphere.

100% Recyclable & FSC-Certified Packaging

In alignment with our values—everything that you buy with us uses sustainable packaging, that is 100% recyclable.  All of our packaging are also FSC-certified.

This ensures that the forests that all of our materials come from are being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity. So you can rest peacefully, knowing that everything that you order with us is karma free and can be recycled + repurposed.

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